White Charms
English: White Charm
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 003
Anime: Episode 1
Currently: Nanami Momozono

White Charms, also knows as talismans, is one of the Land God's power. written on and stuck on items to transform it. It can also be used to track the items written on it.

However, the power of the white charms cannot surpass the writer's. However, if they use too much of the talisman that it makes them pass out.

Nanami passed out

Nanami passed out

Nanami had used a few to trick the demon hag and to summon Tomoe. Tomoe also gave Nanami some in order to test her divine power. She used it to find Kirihito and track the entrance of Yomi-no-kuni as well. She gave one to Yukiji's father to help him look for Kuromaro and to protect herself from Akura-ou.

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