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Toshigami is the new Year God of the Zodiac Shrine.


Toshigami has long, spiked hair with his god mark on his forehead. He wears long dark hakama and a haori with a floral design that goes down to his mid-thigh. His obi is tied around his waist and over his haori.


Toshigami has only just become the new Year God, the former Year God having just retired. Toshigami is seen to be very caring, as he was worried when Lao-Tze, the current head of the year ran away. He's worried that he can't do a good job as the Year God. In fact, he admits to Nanami, Tomoe, and Mizuki that it's hard being the Year God, and that all of the Twelve Zodiac Creatures ran away. He's so depressed about it that he tells them that next year, he might as well "let all of humanity be doomed." He really wants to be a reliable Year God, and Nanami cheers him up by saying that all of the Twelve Creatures love him. Toshigami then is shown to also be very kind. Having heard Nanami say she didn't know what her mother looked like, he reproduced a picture of Nanami's mother from her memories onto a photograph.

Plot Overview


  • His shrine is currently being renovated, with a sign casually pasted on a rock showing it's the Zodiac Shrine.
  • He is first seen trimming bushes.
  • Lao-Tze, the creature for the Year of the Dragon, is the only animal that stayed with him. The rest ran away.
  • Lao-Tze ran away from Toshigami because he commented that rabbits are soft and fluffy, while Lao-Tze isn't.