Plot Overview

Contract with Nanami

When he meets Nanami he despises her and leaves the Temple, marching to the Red District of The Other World. The girl despite her anger, seeing the effort that Tomoe had made for the Temple, goes there but he refuses to return, so that in a fury he intends to go to the Mikage Temple to look for his things to leave from there definitely, but on the way is deceived by a witch who invites her to stay at home to devour it later. Once convinced by Kotetsu goes to "rescue Nanami", who escaped from the witch's abode with Onikiri and I was being persecuted by her. Although at first she only went to the place to humiliate her saying that she would save her only if she asked for forgiveness, Nanami falls from a branch and he accompanies her in his fall telling her that he still has the opportunity to save himself if he pleads for his life. While the human girl is falling, without allowing Tomoe to humiliate her, she gives him a surprise kiss that seals the pact between Landgod and familiar. From that moment, reluctantly, Tomoe becomes Nanami's familiar and defeats the witch.

Journey to the Past

Again that curse, Tomoe, wishing that Nanami did not see him in such a deplorable state, is hidden by Mikage in the Magic Mirror that he once used to hide from the Goddess of Lightning, who did it because Yukiji is a woman who brings misfortune to be always surrounded by demons with highly destructive power and, if he does not kill her there, the demons will come and wipe out all the existing life He also mentions that he was forced by a woman to seek a Fallen God. After that the fox returns to the room where Yukiji is, already in labor. After Yukiji's delivery, the midwives suggest that Tomoe hold the baby. While holding it has mixed feelings towards humans, since he has been able to love one of them, but also with his strength is able to destroy them easily.

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