Time-traveling Incense Burner
Kanji: 時廻りの香炉
Romanji: tokimawari no kouro
English: Time-traveling Incense Burner
First Appearance
Manga: Chapter 18
Anime: Episode 6
Currently: Mizuki

The Incense Burner has the ability to send your soul and body back to the past for a limited amount of time.

It is currently owned by Mizuki, who brings it along with him ever since his shine was submerged in water, with which he sent Nanami back to the past four times.

It first appeared in Chapter 18 in order for Nanami to see Tomoe's past, in Chapter 22 in order for Nanami to get the Dragon King's eye and again in 81 and 88 and in order to find out a cure for Tomoe's curse.

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