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The God Loses Her House is the 5th episode of Season 1 and overall the 5th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



Tomoe got hit by the mallet

The Lightning God (Princess Narukami) has always wanted Tomoe to be her familiar. She found out that Nanami Momozono's became the Earth God and decides to test her in order to get Tomoe back.

During Nanami's school hour, the windows burst open and Narukami appears and asks Nanami to give her the shrine and the Mikage's Mark.

When Nanami refuses, she got angry. Tomoe appears and tries to attack her. Princess Narukami then makes him small using a Lucky Mallet and takes Nanami's mark and leaves, telling them that the only way for Tomoe to return to normal was by going to her.

All three of them fall asleep in bed

Nanami stays in Kurama's house for the time being until Princess Narukami's lion-dog familiars take Tomoe away because without him the shrine will fall into pieces However, despite being there, Tomoe refuses to be Narukami's familiar and hides from her in Mikage's mirror, making Narukami burn with rage at failing to find him.

Kurama saw Nanami outside the house, Nanami explained that she can't do anything to help Tomoe. Kurama then gave her a feather which made Nanami see that there were the will-o-whisp following her, they then cried and ask Nanami to return to the shrine to find Tomoe.

Nanami promise Narukami if she finds him she would have the Mikage's mark back and Tomoe. Narukami accepted her request. After 1 hour a butterfly leaded Nanami to the mirror Nanami hugs the mirror then found Tomoe in it.

Princess Narukami then made Tomoe big again with the lucky mallet and gave Nanami the mark again. Tomoe then repays Nanami with a kiss to make Tomoe her familiar again.

Major Events

  • Narukami turns Tomoe into a child version of himself.
  • Narukami takes away Nanmi's God Mark and Nanami is no longer a God.
  • Nanami regains the mark and becomes a God again.
  • Nanami and Tomoe share their second kiss.


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