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The God Goes to Izumo is the 2nd episode of Season 2 and overall the 15th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.


Nanami passed Otohiko's test, she has trouble deciding which one of her familiars to bring with her to the Divine Assembly. She has Tomoe and Mizuki settle the matter over a game of shogi, while she goes into town to buy a plane ticket. She later encounter four former gods who mock her while protecting a man named Kirihito, and she has Mamoru vanquish them after Kirihito gets seriously hurt. She leaves after he attempts to kiss her, but she is unaware that Kirihito is actually a yokai named Akura-Ou trapped in human form. Nanami chooses Mizuki to accompany her to Izumo, while Tomoe, despite winning the game of shogi, is forced to stay at the shrine and pose as her at school in which he is in foul mood and having thoughts about Nanami's feelings towards him. After arriving in Izumo, Mizuki brings her to the Grand Shrine, but they get separate along the way. Nanami is not welcomed very much by the other gods due to her being a human. While Mizuki tags along with Otohiko, who is running late, Nanami is encouraged by a disembodied figure, perhaps Mikage, who tells her that her human side makes her unique from the other gods. This gives her the confidence to enter the chambers into the Divine Assembly.


In this Nanami is determined to find out about Mikage and thus goes to the Divine Assembly against Tomoe's will.

Major Events

  • Nanami and Mizuki attend the Divine Assembly in Izumo, while Tome stays at the shrine.


Adapted Chapters


  • Tomoe again is slowly showing signs of his feelings towards Nanami:
    • He doesn't want her to go to Izumo with Mizuki.
    • He was both annoyed and shocked to find out he wouldn't be going to Izumo.
    • He showed signs of jealousy that Mizuki would be going.
    • He even brings up Nanami's feelings for him, much to his shock.