The God Asks A Boy Out On A Date is the 7th episode of Season 1 and overall the 7th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



Tomoe comes along with Nanami to school now but is gaining alot of popularity amongst the girls, annoying Nanami. When Kurama comes, Nanami spots Ami peeking from a window. She goes to her and Ami tells her she hadn't had the time to thank Kurama for saving her yesterday.

Nanami then sneaks up on Kurama and, using her white charms, turn him into air in most people's eyes. Nanami asks him to stay in front of the chemistry lab. Ami doesn't notice him at first but when he calls her, she immediately thanks him for saving her the other day. But Kurama only asks who she was again, making her wail, run, and trip, flashing her undergarments. Kurama saves her from laughing boys and asks for her first name. She replies it's Ami.

Meanwhile Nanami watches from the rooftops, happy, but Tomoe only says that it wont work out because Kurama was a demon. A little afterwards, a girl asks Nanami to not go home with Tomoe so she could ask him to go instead. Nanami agrees but regrets it. Tomoe comes up to her, angry for trying to hook him up with a human and tells her she's first priority, making Nanami blush. Kurama then warns Tomoe that his words would make Nanami misunderstand.

So after another day, finally the end of exams, Nanami's friend, Kei, tells her if she wants a boyfriend, she must act cute. Going home, she drags Tomoe along to an aquarium and a tall building to watch the nightscape. Up there, Tomoe asks if Nanami loves him due to Kurama's words, but dispeled the thought. Nanami asks what if she really did love him.

Tomoe tells her she's not thinking straight and carries her, walking along the edge of the building but accidentally drops her. He rushes to save her but she yells not to touch her out of the despair of outright rejection. Due to word bind, Tomoe begs he will save her but never touch her ever again. Nanami agrees finally and is saved just in time. But Nanami only admits to herself that she can't help it and is only falling for Tomoe even more.

Major Events

  • Nanami becomes friends with Ami and Kei.
  • Nanami realizes she has fallen in love with Tomoe.
  • Nanami confesses her feelings to Tomoe, but he rejects her.


Adapted Chapters