The Familiar Goes To Town is the 11th episode of Season 1 and overall the 11th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



Complaining that Nanami doesn't let him go with her to school due to being inexperienced with humans, Mizuki decides to go to Tokyo to visit Kurama, who on the other hand, has lots of experience with this.

Mizuki is stunned by the amount of miasma, since his last visit here, back when Tokyo was still 'Edo'. He is suddenly captured by some ladies who force him to buy a worthless sticker for 50'000 yen, which wasting all his money.

After that, he decides to asks for directions to get to where Kurama is at and asks some men who grab his scarf and yell at him. Mizuki makes a snake appear at his shoulders and scares them away. Since there is a snake on his shoulders that he is suddenly chased by the police.

Mizuki hugging Kurama while crying

Mizuki hugging Kurama while crying

After riding a taxi he can't pay for, Mizuki is spotted by Kurama. Which Mizuki goes running towards Kurama and hugs him, then ask Kurama to lend him money to pay for the taxi. Kurama's manager shows up and is looking for Kurama, believing he was Kurama's classmate, invites him to a launch party, despite Kurama's objections.

There, Mizuki gets a taste of adult cocktail and faints at the horrible taste of it. He is saved by a girl who'd just moved from the country, he thanks her. She tells him that even though she doesn't quite fit in here, she really liked it here so she will do her best to fit in. She suddenly panics that she had forgotten to get some drinks for her mistress. Mizuki, in thanks gives her his 'Divine Sake' and leaves on his snake, the girls words had affecting him so very much. The girl gives her mistress the drinks and immediately she is kinder.

Meanwhile, Mizuki's only worry is that Tomoe will find out that the offering money is gone. 

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