The Tanuki Girls are Raccoon Dogs Yokai who reside in the red light district of the demon world.



The Tanuki girls are either extremely friendly or seductive. They joke around easily with customers and for some reason have a fondness to Tomoe. They also love to gossip and wear extravagant make-up.


Hundreds of years ago, the oldest of them, Sister Mizutama, had encountered Akura-ou when he ransacked their place before. Still a little kid, she had run out and bumped into Tomoe, who then told her to run and stopped Akura-ou and the meaningless bloodshed, saying how it disgusted him.

Plot Overview

In the beginning, they were often found entertaining Tomoe whenever he went to the demon world. They are usually doing Tomoe favors such as cutting his hair or bringing him items he wants.

They have a great fondness for him and are envious of Nanami and her closeness to Tomoe. Tomoe hadn't gone to the district since Nanami had become god.

However, when she had gone to the God's Summit, he decided to go, wondering to himself why he hadn't gone immediately. There, however, the Tanuki girls panicked because he was only drinking and nothing more. They attempted to amuse him but he fell asleep. His heart simply wasn't in it.

Known Tanuki Girls