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Sukeroku, also known as Suke, is an inhabitant and guard for a village and later became a servant for Yukiji. However due to his misfortune of witnessing Furball eat Kirakaburi, he was possessed by Furball and assumed the name Yatori.



He seems to have lots of respect for Yukiji, despite the other village men feeling the opposite. He is very cheerful and thoughtful, a bit childish, and is seen to have a liking for sake. However, he is apparently clumsy, complains a lot and gets tired fast.

He seems to have a great fear over Yokai, as shown when he tired to run away from Yukiji's father manor before anyone could find him, as he would be the guard for Nanami, who was taking her place. After meeting with furball, his fear intensifed enough and he seems to cry and get easily upset over just the mention of yokai.

Even going as far as to get rid of Yukiji by burning the house of a women that was allowing her to stay in her house, in fear that she would again attract demons to the village that he was in. And it seems that his respect for Yukiji doesn't out way his fear, though he still calls Yukiji-sama as a sign of respect.

Plot Overview

He, together with some other men, captured Nanami Momozono, believing she was yokai. After Nanami was saved by Yukiji, Yukiji had ordered him to untie Nanami's ropes, which he does gladly. He appears again when Nanami had returned back to the past again, together with Futa, after being split up from his partner on his way to the capital.

He later accompanied Nanami together with some other men while she rode the palanquin in place of Yukiji who was being targeted by Akura-Ou.

They were attacked by Kirakaburi under the orders of Akura-Ou and Nanami ran away in order to distract Kirakaburi from hurting the others. Suke later sees Kirakaburi, lying on the ground wounded by Tomoe, devoured by furball out of spite.

He is quickly noticed by furball, whom he begs not to eat him. Furball agrees on the condition that Suke would not spill one word of what he saw to anyone.