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Soujoubou (僧正坊, Sōjōbō) is the well respected third chief of the Tengu village in Kurama Mountain. In volume 10 of the manga it was known that Soujoubou had fallen to an unknown illness years ago, leaving Jiro to lead the village in his absence. During this time, the mountain had become surrounded by a dark miasma which shadowed the village and prevented any plants from growing, including the thousand year old sakura tree which bears significant meaning to the village.



Amongst the Tengu and Yokai, Soujoubou is well respected as the Third Chief, considered to be the strongest and most capable. Despite this, he shown to be kind and gentle, carrying a soft and mellow image rather than a warlike one. He shows much sentiment towards those around him, and is very forgiving. His only weakness is his son, Kurama Shinjirou.


Kurama Shinjirou

He is Kurama's father and deeply misses his son who left the village sixteen years ago. Being the chief, Soujoubou was highly esteemed, which placed a lot of pressure on Kurama who was seen as too young and weak to succeed him as the Chief. This led to a rather oppressive childhood for Kurama which eventually escalated in him leaving the Mountain for the human world. During Kurama's childhood, Soujoubou appears very little hinting at a distant father son relationship. Although it is later revealed that Soujoubou does in fact care very much for his when it was discovered that he was not suffering from a physical illness but rather his soul was taken. He had been tricked into believing that a feather brought was that of Kurama's; leaving him in a vulnerable state to allow his soul to be taken away and hidden in Raijiuyuu's cave where it was swallowed by Raijiuyuu. After being reunited with his son, he is shown to be glad that his son has grown into a very fine Tengu.


Although not biologically related, he is shown to be a fatherly figure for Jiro. Jiro respects him very much and had received gentle advice from Soujoubou during his childhood. During Soujoubou's absence, Jiro had led the village temporarily in his place.


  • "Everyone makes mistakes" (To Kurama)