Sekito was Akura-ou's battle advisor.



He always does his best to please Akura-ou and get on his good side but most likely out of fear of death. He shows scorn to those who are rude to or make mistake in front of Akura-ou.


Such as when Furball dropped the battle map made for Akura-ou and when Tomoe refused to meet Akura-ou.

After Tomoe refusal, he suggested that Tomoe would eventually betray Akura-ou when the time comes, immediately angering Akura-ou. Furball suggests that Tomoe could be in love, resulting in Akura-ou falling into a fit of laughter and Sekito hitting him, calling him stupid. Sekito tells Akura-ou not to listen to him and again warns him the Tomoe could plotting something against him. Disliking his words, Akura-ou slices him in half, the blood painting the battle map Sekito made completely red, pleasing Akura-ou.