Peach Elixir
English: Peach Elixir
First Appearance
Previously: Nanami Momozono
Currently: Mamorinogami (producer) Kappa

Peach Elixir, also known as peach pills, are the Peach God's special elixir that can heal almost any illness or wound, including a god's.

In exchange for Motamura's hot meat bun, Nanami got a jar of this which she gave to Tomoe during the God's Summit. However, he refused it and it is currently in Nanami's possession. Nanami attempted to give it to Soujoubou, only to learn that his sickness was not of a case that could be healed by peach pills.

It was instead used by Jirou after he'd saved Nanami from being struck by the Raijiuyuu. Nanami also uses it to heal Tomoe's fatally wounded shoulder wound when he was injured by Ikusagami. However, she later gave all her peach pills to a the fallen god, Kappa, to have it call Kuromaru, whom she was looking for.