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Otohiko (乙比古) is the Wind God, and has feelings for Ookuninushi.


Otohiko's seen always dressed up like a woman rather than a man. His choice of clothing's also very feminine (he gave a kimono to Nanami once).


Otohiko's sometimes casual and can sometimes be a little insulting or melodramatic in his manner of speaking. When speaking with, spoken to by, or simply being in Ookuninushi's presence, Otohiko acts very girly however cares for Mikage and thus helps Nanami a lot.



Otohiko has a huge crush on him. However, his feelings don't seem to be acknowledged by Ookuninushi because he only likes women.

Nanami Momozono

He was Nanami's test instructor and was fully in on the fact that Nanami was going to win due to unfair tests.


Otohiko is good friends with Mikage, who in turn also sees him as a close friend. They are often seen together in the anime, and in the manga it was also strongly hinted that they were close friends.


  • His full name is Fuujin Otohiko no gami.
  • He is also nicknamed by Nanami "He-She Guy" or "manly-womanly man"