Nanami Quits Being A God is the 12th episode of Season 1 and overall the 12th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



While Nanami was at the store she overhears two women talking about the Shrine and claiming it was rundown and haunted, she gets upset and leaves the store. She meets up with Tomoe who was on a branch and asks why he was up there.

He tells her he's debating whether to cut it down or not since it was already wrapping around the Torii Gate. Nanami tells Tomoe what the women had said and she decides to hold a festival. Tomoe declines the idea but the shrine spirits and Mizuki seem to like the idea so he decides not to be a part of it.

While she passes out posters Mizuki and the shrine spirits clean the shrine, Kurama passes by and gives Nanami a gift for the festival, after, he tells her about the kagura dance that she has to do during the festival. Tomoe gives her the kimono she has to wear and puts it on her, after he sees her with the whole thing on, he tells her she looks very beautiful, and she starts to blush.

After Otohiko stops by and releases miasma into the air, testing whether she can purify it. After many failed attempts she gives up, Tomoe and Mizuki find Nanami and take her to her room, and Tomoe says that she is to stay there. After she recalls everything she realizes she is not needed and starts to cry.

Tomoe senses something wrong, goes into her room and finds her not there. Tomoe starts to remember the same thing happening with Mikage, he screams her name and a box in the shed filled with miasma rips open.

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