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Nanami Momozono (桃園 奈々生, Momozono Nanami) is the main protagonist of the Kamisama Kiss series. She is the human land god of Mikage Shrine, the daughter of Mr. Momozono and Kumimi Momozono and one of the descendants of Yukiji and Hiiragi.

She is married to Tomoe.


Nanami Momozono Render

Nanami's full appearance in the anime.

Nanami is noted to be a very beautiful girl with a fair complexion, rosy cheeks, long dark-brown hair, and big, chocolate brown eyes.

Although it's worth noting that she seems to be oddly overlooked by the human boys at her school, she simultaneously captures the hearts and attention of every supernatural creature she comes in contact with.

Nanami bears a strong resemblance to her late mother, Kumimi Momozono, as their smiles and eyes are noted to be very similar.

While she is normally seen in her school uniform, she'd occasionally wears dresses, blouses and pants, kimonos, and formal wear outside of school or any given situation when dealing with demons of every kind.

She's noted to be a true "diamond in the rough", as her grace, charm, and inner and outer beauty draw the eye of demons and humans alike whenever she is dressed exquisitely.

In the epilogue, Nanami appears to have cut her hair to neck-length or shoulder-length.


Nanami has a kind, gentle, understanding and caring heart for those around her, even if they are bad people or Yokai. She often cries when things get too hard or when someone is hurt or in trouble, and it has been noted that her crying has had its effect on humans and Yokai alike who don't fancy it when she cries or is upset.

She is also a plucky and determined girl who is not someone who gives up even when the odds are not in her favor. Though her bestowed title of land god gets her into hot water far more often than it gets her out of it, her wit, resourcefulness, and tenacity (along with a little help from her friends) ensure things always turn out well in the end.

Throughout the anime, she is a loving and fiercely protective person of those she cares about. Her optimistic and kind-hearted nature drives her to do what she can to help those in trouble, much to the irritation of Tomoe, her white fox familiar.

Her idealistic belief that humans and yokai can live and love together in peace is a constant source of contention between Nanami and Tomoe, who believes such ideas are human-centric and foolish. Partly out of a stubborn drive to change Tomoe's mind but mostly out of her earnest desire to help others, she orchestrated and continues to support the love affair between Himemiko (a catfish yokai) and Kotarou Urashima (a human boy).

The Tengu of Kurama Mountain hold Nanami in adoration, calling her "Tennin" or "Celestial Maiden" / "Fairy". With her help the Tengu's beloved (and long dormant) thousand-year-old sakura tree was able to bloom once again. As a result, the Tengu children call her "elder sister" and describe her as being beautiful and warm.

As noted by Tomoe, although Nanami appears to be a weak human, her spirit is strong. Because of this spirit, Nanami tends to land herself in a lot of trouble without even trying. She also tends to have a lot of courage (though she can be a hothead at times), and tends to stand up for herself and others. She also doesn't give up, and is very "stubborn" as shown when she didn't beg Tomoe to save her, even though she was hanging on for her life up in a tall tree. Even though she is human, she will do whatever she can to help those she cares for and those in need.

Since she is human, she has "feelings" that yokai and immortal Gods don't understand, which makes her one of the strongest characters in the show, even though she sometimes has problems believing in herself and her abilities.

She is able to change people with her great determination and kindness, making them just the right way and helping them with their problems. And also can be changed and determined by those around her too.

As noted by almost everyone she has ever met, she doesn't have proper behavior, she can be a busy body, and is a bit tomboyish, and she also has the habit of promising things without thinking through (Which makes Tomoe and Kurama Shinjirou scared when she gets ideas.) She also tends to think "outside the box" and comes up with the weirdest ideas. Even though she is human, she has good body strength, as seen when she raised up a heavy clamshell that Tomoe had hidden under in order to talk to him face to face, resulting in him being shocked and a bit afraid.

She will often get into other's faces when they do something that she doesn't feel is right, and she'll grab them by the collar of their shirts or kimonos, if she is angered enough at their actions. She has been known to hit others when she is really angered. She hit Tomoe on the back of the head with her purse and slapping Mizuki when he kissed her while she slept. Overall, Nanami is the type of person that would like to see others happy and will go out of her way to make them that way, even if it means that she has to get hurt or sacrifice something to make it so.

One of Nanami's most distinguishing traits is her belief that yokai and humans can truly love each other as she goes out of her way and states this whenever she gets the chance or whenever Tomoe or anyone else responds negatively on the subject.

She has stated that she will never get married (like she promised her mother), but in chapter 62 when Tomoe proposes to a child Nanami in her past, she agrees to it. Nanami currently does not remember doing this. This also leads her to be careful with spending money as a result.

When Nanami gets her soul implanted in Yukiji's body, she witnesses Tomoe's hate and disgust for humanity. Even though she was frightened, she still fought against him, by biting his finger. Once she managed to escape, and then back into her own time, Nanami grew frightened when Tomoe reach to touch her. Instead of him hurting her like she thought, he only touched her forehead for her temperature. She then began to cry, happy that she got the Tomoe she knew back. "I'm glad this is the Tomoe that I know."

She accepts Tomoe's nature and how he was in the past. But knows that he is different and won't do anything to hurt her and doesn't harbor any ill feelings for what he almost did to her in the past when she was in Yukiji's body. She knows that he is different now and that is all that matters to her. This is an example of her forgiving nature. She will forgive anyone who has ever hurt no matter how bad it is.


When Nanami was a child, she was deeply affected and influenced by her mother, Kumimi Momozono as Nanami listened when she told her to "never trust papa, never tell him where the money is even if he begs you" and "grow up and don't ruin your health like mama, grow up and become an adult on your own".

As a child, Nanami learned that she couldn't rely on men or "Husband" and that growing up and living alone as an adult was best. This was mainly due to her mother's influence which resulted in Nanami getting her independent nature from her mother. Growing up, instead of using "I" when addressing herself, she would say her name and would constantly say "want" or "don't want" in her sentences.

Kumimi stated that for generations her family had picked the worst men and she also stated that her family can only give birth to a single healthy baby girl, because her family ancestor drank from a "divine spring", which turned her into a beautiful girl. In VIZ translation, the cause was slightly different as it was a god who gave a medicine to Nanami's ancestor where the ancestor drank it and became beautiful.

After the death of her mother by some unknown disease, Nanami became responsible for the house and tried to keep her irresponsible dad in check. One day, after being evicted from her house, Nanami meets a stranger, a land God called Mikage, who offers her shelter at the Mikage Shrine. He kisses her forehead, leaving the mark of a land God in between her brows. From there she pursues her duties as a Land God, eventually falling in love with her once hated familiar and fox, Tomoe. Nanami likes Tomoe but in her past her mom said "be single and be a hardworking woman."

Kamisama Kiss[]

Becoming a God[]

Eventually at the age of 17 before beginning High School, Nanami's life changed forever. Due to her father's gambling habitats, Nanami's was in debt and the situation worsened more when she received an eviction notice, forcing Nanami to leave her home. However worst of all, Nanami's father ran out on her, leaving Nanami all by herself. Nowhere to go, Nanami found herself at the local park down on her luck, but while there, she finds a mysterious young man, hiding in a tree, trying to avoid an angry dog barking at him. Nanami helps the man and explains her entire situation of having no home of her and her father running out on her.

S1E1 (29)

Mikage kiss Nanami to give his mark.

Saddened by Nanami's story, the man explains his own troubles with his home. The man reveals it's the first time in years he has returned to town, revealing in the past he had abandoned his home a long time ago and expects he won't be welcomed back, especially by Tomoe. Nanami tries to assure the man that at least he still has a home to return, unlike herself. However, much to Nanami's shock, the man allows Nanami to inherit his home, knowing it can't be abandoned forever and needs someone to watch over everyone. The man leaves Nanami with a map to the house, but not before unexpectedly kissing Nanami on her forehead and assuring everyone will welcome Nanami as their new "Lady and Mistress". While confused of the recent events, Nanami decides to give the idea a chance, seeing she has no where else to go.

Time-Traveling to the Past[]

Nanami is considered to be Yukiji by Tomoe because she travels through time and meets Tomoe as Yukiji, whether as a substitute or inhabitant of Yukiji's body/identity. In reality, the Yukiji that Tomoe "fell in love with" died in the past, but the irony is that Tomoe doesnt know that the girl he fell for wasn't Yukiji: it was Nanami trying to save Tomoe from the future, and time travelling to the past. The first time Nanami travels back in time using Mizuki's "time-travel incense burner", Nanami's soul is implanted into Yukiji's, Tomoe's former love-interest, body. She witnesses Tomoe's savage behavior towards humans and is almost hurt by this behavior herself. However, she fights back by biting his finger and escapes. Her act of courage makes Tomoe fall in love with her, even before they meet in the future.

The second time Nanami travels to past to find Dragon King's eye and retrieves it to save Tomoe. She travels in flesh for the first time and meets Tomoe who doesn't recognize her and left with the eye. After she follows him, she finds him with a woman who was Yukiji, and was shocked by Tomoe's affection for her. When Tomoe left, instead of taking the eye, Nanami helped Yukiji swallow it.

The next time Nanami travels to past is to meet the fallen God who made the contract with Tomoe and to find a way to save him. She ended up in a village where she was mistaken for a demon, but was rescued by Yukiji and stayed in her home. When Tomoe was being chased by the villagers, he expected Yukiji to save him as she was his former love, but she refused and declared that 'all demons should die' hatefully. Nanami helplessly ran out to look for Tomoe, and finds him gravely injured in the form of a child.

She took him back and lied to Yukiji about him being from her village, and begged Yukiji to help her save him. She later looks for the peach pill desperately which was washed away in the river and fed them to Tomoe. When Tomoe started to recover his health, she took care him at night, and only when he was asleep. She would hide from Tomoe during the day, as she did not want to interfere with the relationship between Tomoe and Yukiji. When Tomoe asked Futa who saved him, he said it was Yukiji as Nanami requested him not to tell Tomoe about her. This is when Tomoe started to think of Nanami as Yukiji.

The fourth time Nanami travels into the past is when she returns from healing her body from time travel. She then meets Akura-ou who made her travel with him into the capital. But when she sees him killing robbers, she runs away in tears. Then, she meets Yukiji and later decides to become her substitute bride in her wedding. During the wedding procession, she was targeted by Akura-ou as he was after Yukiji and sent Kirakaburi after her, but Nanami was rescued and kidnapped by Tomoe. There, Nanami, as Yukiji, promises to be Tomoe's wife and he takes her back to the lord's house where Yukiji sees them together.

The fifth time is when Nanami travels back to Ontake Mountain and sees Kuromaro and he tells her of how he had meet Tomoe, and of Yukiji's death, confirming that The Present was already set in motion. Kuromaro than shows Nanami of what happened when she was gone, showing her what had happened in the 8 years she was gone.

She saw Yukiji, who she was living happily with her husband and expecting a child, until Akura-ou raided the place, killing everyone as Tomoe shows up to find Yukiji as she pleads for help. She also watches Akura-ou and Tomoe's falling out, as well as Kuromaro informing her of the relation between Yukiji and herself after her child is born while having the Dragon King's eye inside of her.

She then learns of how to break the curse and of Kuromaro's true motives for wanting to his fate to be the way it was. She leaves to go back to the past, however she goes the wrong way and arrives to the Mikage shrine 20 years ago before Mikage leaves and meet him.


Nanami births her son and returns to Mikage Shrine along with Tomoe.

Powers & Abilities[]

At the beginning of the story, even as Nanami is appointed to be the land god, she bears no supernatural power whatsoever.

Soon after becoming the land god, she learns how to use talismans and gains the power of purification.

As the Master of Tomoe and Mizuki, she also has the ability to have them obey her words when expressed earnestly even if it's against their will, (Word Restraint, a proof of absolute obedience).

Nanami making the tree blooming

Nanami making the tree blooming

At the Tengu Mountain when the miasma was there, she was able to get the sakura tree to blossom, but soon after doing so, the tree went back to its original state as a blossom-less tree.

Currently, Nanami possesses Mamorinogami's Peach Elixir, also called "God's Elixir," after trading some meat buns for it. When someone takes the elixir, it will heal any kind of injury or disease that they have sustained. It was meant to be a farewell gift to Tomoe who had decided to drop his familiar title and become a Yokai. She gave it to him as a gift to protect him, but he didn't accept it and went back on as his duty as her familiar. But she holds on to it for safekeeping. She trades it with the fallen Kappa god in the river so she can meet the fallen god she is looking for.

Nanami has a strange power where she can change the point of view of others and make them better people due through her actions and words. This is seen when she shows Tomoe that humans can be strong and not weak creatures as he thought them to be.

Nanami also can be moved and changed by people and demons around her as well as learn from them. Like when she saw Mizuki's devotion to his shrine, learning that he was lonely. Himemiko's asking her to be with Kotarou, learning that humans and demons can love each other. Kamehime's (the Dragon king's wife) devotion to her husband and how even though she lost the kimono she was going to give him, she was still happy, even though it happened.

  • Talismans: Nanami is able to write a word in a talisman and achieve make that word come true, provided you are within your spiritual level. For example, on one occasion wanted Kurama to talk with Ami and wrote "air" on the talisman and then paste it into the back of the Tengu and just placed it there, was as invisible as air, in fact barely noticed his presence Ami.


  • "No matter how harsh and painful my life is right now, someday... Someday, a day will come when I can smile everyday."
  • "Just because I wanted a home, I almost destroyed someone else's home."
  • "I can't stop myself. I'm falling in love with you even more."
  • "I hope my feelings reach everyone."
  • "It would truly be blessing... if we could be that close someday."
  • "I get it okay? That you don't have any feelings like that towards me. I don't have the wrong idea about it or anything, so don't worry, okay?"


  • The name Nanami means "apple tree" (奈) (na) and "life, living" (生) (mi).
  • Nanami's surname Momozono means "peach" (桃) (momo) and "garden, park, plantation" (園) (sono/zono), which literally means "peach orchard."


  • Tomoe and Nanami share a few similarities as they:
    • Both have lost a loved one that they cared for with all their hearts
    • Both were abandoned by someone
    • Both have bad tempers
    • Both speak their mind
    • Both are rebellious
    • Both don't behave
  • Nanami is the first woman in her family to give birth to a boy as her ancestors was only able to give birth to a girl.
  • Both Tomoe and Nanami are looked down upon for their rank. Nanami is looked down upon for being a human who has the "Land God" title. Tomoe is looked down upon for being a yokai, but having a "Familiar" title. They are both disliked in their own worlds and in the divine world.
  • Nanami dislikes shiitake mushrooms.
  • If Nanami gave up (didn't time travel) on Tomoe, both of them would cease to exist (Yukiji, her ancestor would be killed by Akura-ou and Tomoe would die in the riverbank).
  • Nanami likes cute things such as small children and babies or cuddle-like animals.
  • After her mother's death, Nanami had to take on a lot of responsibility like becoming the "woman" of the house and she was left alone much of the time while her dad left to gamble. When Nanami was younger, her mother was always home, but after her mother's death, there was no one home to welcome her back.
  • Through the story, Nanami is given many titles and she is referred to by various different names. "Nanami-sama", translated as the equivalent of "Lady Nanami" in the English sub, is her most famous/and most used one. Others are "Nanami", "Celestial Maiden/Fairy", "Elder Sister", "Nanami-hime", "Miko" or "Shrine Maiden," "Human God", "Human Land God", "Land God", "Human", "Nanami-san" or Nanami-Chan, "Momozono-san", "Dirt-poor Momozono-san", "Dirt-poor girl" and "Little Princess".
  • Nanami tends to love romance novels. "Beverly Hills Teenage Drama Diaries" is her favorite one.
  • She likes to "sleep in" on Sundays. If Tomoe would let her, she would sleep in the whole day.
  • As a child, Nanami had her hair up in short pigtails. But now, as noted by Tomoe, she hardly ever puts her hair up.
  • To keep her classmates from questioning her high rank, Nanami told Tomoe that if anyone asked, to tell them she was adopted into his family. Which is kind of true, since Mikage adopted her into becoming the Land God. Due to this, her classmates describe her as a "Girl that had gone through a lot of hardships and has been adopted into a rich family" in this way, she is similar to Yukiji.
  • Nanami seems to learn through the movements of things, and responds well to competition. She also has a habit of bragging about her ability and talismans.
  • Kei Ueshima and Ami Nekota are the first human friends that Nanami makes.
  • Nanami inherited her mother's beauty and spirit, but she also gets her father's lack of discipline and his slothfulness, which is seen when she doesn't like waking up on Sundays and how she sleeps.
  • Nanami is in a Music and English class in school.
  • As a child, Nanami's dream was to have a big brother.
  • Nanami has a fear of being useless to Tomoe and is constantly comparing herself to him and others.
  • She has a strong distaste for mushrooms.
  • Tomoe is Nanami's first love, the reverse also being true.
  • In chapter 100, it was revealed that Nanami is a descendant of Yukiji.
  • If Nanami gives up on Tomoe (never time traveled), Tomoe would have perished from his wounds by the riverbank.
  • Nanami's birthday is on February 20.
  • Nanami is the first of Yukiji's descendants to have a boy, as every member of Nanami's ancestors were only able to birth girls.



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