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Nanami Becomes A God is the 1st episode of Season 1 and over all the 1st episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



Nanami Momozono is a normal high school girl who wants to have a normal life, however her dad is a gambler. One day her dad suddenly disappeared, leaving a huge gambling debt behind and leaves her to fend for herself. Since she could not pay the debt, their house was confiscated.

Homeless and on the street, one night Nanami rescues a strange man from a barking dog. That man is Mikage, who appears to be a Land God and is deathly afraid of dogs.

Mikage kiss Nanami's forward

As a sign of gratitude, Mikage then gives her a kiss on the forehead and tells her that she's now the new Land God. He entrusted her to his house, a rundown shrine inhabited by a hostile fox-eared yokai, Tomoe, and two other small spirits, the shikigamis.

The shikigamis immediately welcomed her as the new Land God and take to her service, but Tomoe is not as gracious and left the shrine. Nanami was disappointed with his attitude and followed him into the 'other world'.

Later on she was attacked by a witch in discuise but she was able to use the three white Charms to summon Tomoe and later on succeeded in turning him into her familiar by sealing the contract with a kiss.

Major Events

  • Nanami Momozono is introduced.
  • Nanami meets Mikage.
  • Mikage makes Nanami the new Land God.
  • Nanami meets Tomoe.
  • Nanami learns about and uses the white tailsman.
  • Namami makes Tomoe her familiar.


Adapted Chapters


  • Nanami and Tomoe share their first kiss in this episode.