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He is the father of Nanami Momozono. Despite being the father of the main protagonist from Kamisama Kiss series, he has a very minor role.



He loves gambling and owe many debts from it which is why Nanami is living in poverty.


Young Momozono

In his past, he was also gambling and kept on losing, being hunted down by rent and loan sharks, leaving his wife and daughter all alone.

Kumimi Momozono, Nanami's mother, had told her daughter from a young age to "never trust papa, never tell him where the money is even if he begs you", and "grow up and be as healthy as mama, grow up and become an adult on your own". Because of this, Nanami had since learned that she couldn't rely on men or "Husband's" and that growing up and living alone as an adult was best. This was mainly due to her mother's influence and her dad not being there to support her in her life, which resulted in Nanami getting her independent nature from her mother. Sometime after his wife's death, Nanami's father had accidentally set their previous home on fire because one of his lit cigarettes was dropped on the floor.

Growing up, instead of using "I" when addressing herself, she would say her name and would constantly say "want" or "don't want" in her sentences. She had a habit of running around in circles. Even after the death of his wife, Momozono still kept his gambling habits.


He ran away with a huge sum of debt and Nanami has to leave their house. 


Kumimi Momozono

Nanami Momozono


  • He is causing pressure and stress onto his wife. That is why Nanami was deeply affected and influenced by her mother.