Longevity Elixir
Longetivity elixir
English: Longetivity Elixir
First Appearance
Anime: Episode 8
Previously: Ryuo Sukuna (right)
Yukiji (right)
Hiiragi (right)
Nanami Momozono (right)
Currently: Ryuo Sukuna (left)
'Unknown' (right)

Both of Ryuo Sukuna's eyes are longevity elixirs that can grant healing powers and long life. His right eye however, was taken by Tomoe and fed to Yukiji in order to heal her sickness since she could and would die during child-birth of her daughter.


Dragon King's Right Eye

It was found afterward within Nanami though dried up and shrunk. With the help of Isohime, they took it out and tried to give it to Ryuo to set Tomoe free. However, Ryuo refused seeing its current state. Currently the right eye is nowhere to be found however the left eye still resides in the sockets of Ryuo's eyes.

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