Kotetsu (虎徹) is a servant of Mikage Shrine known as the onibi-warashi (鬼火童子 Translation: Will-o'-the-Wisp Child). He serves Nanami with the help of Onikiri.



Kotetsu has a very joyous and happy personality. He is also very caring and he worries about Tomoe and Nanami's well being. His personality is very similar to Onikiri and they often act and speak in perfect synchronisation.

Powers & Abilities

Kotetsu has a number of abilities:

  • He can turn into a ball of fire and teleport (though it is implied short range).
  • He is invisible to regular humans.
  • He can sense the spiritual energy of the deity of his shrine (he originally mistakes Nanami's first arrival at the shrine as Mikage's return).
  • He can create small objects out of nothing such as confetti.
  • He can momentarily confuse attackers into attacking each other buying time for escape.
  • He has to obey the commands of the ruler of his shrine whether or not he agrees (as seen when Lady Narukami takes over his shrine).




Nanami Momozono






  • Mystery beneath the mask; from the anime, it was shown that Kotetsu's face is a mask, however what lies under the mask was not revealed in the anime. nor the manga Whatever lies beneath the mask Tomoe felt obliged to apologise for seeing.  
  • In the live stage musical Kamisama Hajimemashita, Kotetsu is portrayed by LinQ member Takaki Yuumi.  
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