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Kirakaburi (煌かぶり) is a yokai who serves under Akura-ou. He has a love for killing and decapitating and then placing the heads he had cut off on flowers. He's a cinnamon roll-killer.


Kirakaburi looks very young and has perfect figure. He is blond and wears two braids. His eyes are torquise with vertical pupils. I think he is freakin fantastic and has more beautiful face than Tomoe.


He's a sadistic person who has absolutely no mercy and kills, believing it was beautiful to cut a head off and pair it up with a flower. He however respects Akura-Ou and obliges to his wishes. He also hates things that he considers ugly, such as the furball he had to pair up with. He stated that Tomoe was beautiful but cold. 

He can be cautious and knows his limits as shown when he did not try to attack the stronger gods in Izumo he was not confident in defeating. However, those he recognizes are below him he insults, this attitude making underestimating furball a fatal mistake.

He is cute and charismatic.


He had gone to Izumo and cut off the heads of some gods and presenting it to Akura-Ou. However, Tomoe appeared to be disgusted by his taste. Tomoe was displeased to find all the heads belonged to weak female gods, and the god who tried to kill him was not there. He was also tasked to capture Yukiji/Nanami, given the freedom to do what so ever to her long as he does not touch her head. Attacking her, he killed some of his guards but accidentally lets Nanami get away, tricked by her one of her white talismans. He soon catches up to Nanami but then is severely wounded by Tomoe. Unable to move, he is devoured by Furball out of spite.



He serves under him and respects him and obliges to his wishes.


He considers him very beautiful and even states that when he dies, he hopes to keep his head. He is struck from behind by Tomoe's sword when He was about to kill "Yukiji". He then asks Tomoe if he was going against Akura-ou. To which Tomoe replies that he wasn't Akura-ou's servent and not to lump him with himself. He is left bleeding in the middle of the forest as Tomoe takes "Yukiji" away. 


Both he and furball served under Akura-ou. On a mission to capture the bride they think is Yukiji, Kirakaburi is paired up with furball for his knowledge on the bride's location. Immediately recognizing furball as one weaker than he, he taunts and insults furball of his uselessness and unattractive looks. However, unknown to him, furball quietly grew hatred for him and when he found Kirakaburi incapacitated, took the opportunity to rid of Kirakaburi.


• He wears something owl on his head

• I think he is an owl yokai

• He wears not japanese but some european clothes

• He also wears makeup

• He died cause he had too sharp language