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Kamehime (亀姫) is the turtle queen (or princess) and the wife of the Dragon Lord of the seven seas.



Kamehime glaring at Ryuo Sukuna after he insults the haori she made for him

Kamehime is generally a friendly person but she has a scarier side to her, most obvious in front of Ryuo Sukuna (Kamehime's husband). However, despite that, she loves her husband very much and trusts him, but she disapproved of her husbands liking for fights, saying they mar his face.

Plot Overview

Kamehime first appeared when Nanami Momozono and Mizuki were riding the a turtle to "Ryūgū Castle. She showed Nanami a beautiful haori that she had made in seven days out of the love she had for Ryuo Sukuna (Kamehime's husband). However, due to some turbulence, it was swept out and away from the turtle and became lost. Nanami panics but Kamehime only tells her that she enjoyed the time she spent on it and that was enough. This made Nanami rethink her own situation with Tomoe.

After she found out her husband had pursued and fought Tomoe like he did many years ago, resulting in the loss of his right eye, she scolded him and when Mizuki came back with Kamehime's haori to trade for Tomoe's life, Ryuo was forced to give up on chasing Tomoe. A little afterwards, they are seen in the background, Kamehime continuously hitting Ryuo for breaking their promise and going after the fox.



Ryuo Sukuna

Ryuo is Kamehime's husband who she loves and doesn't like it when he and Tomoe fight each other as she even made her husband give up on chasing Tomoe.


Nanami Momozono

Kamehime had befriend Nanami when she was going to go visit Ryuo Sukuna (Kamehime's husband) to give him the haori that she had made for him.



  • The name Kamehime means "turtle" (亀) (kame) and "princess" (姫) (hime).
  • As of now, Kamehime has only been in one episode and one OVA of the anime.
  • Since Kamehime is the wife of Ryuo Sukuna, it is possible that she is Kamehime Sukuna or she just doesn't have a surname.