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Jiro (二郎, Jirō) is currently the fourth chief of Kurama Mountain. The tengu leading all other tengu due to his unsurpassed strength and speed. When Soujoubou, the third chief, fell ill to an unknown, incurable sickness, Jiro stepped up and took his place because he was the strongest tengu. 


Jiro has scars on his face, dark hair, fair skin, tengu wings, and wears a green robe-ish thing with giant red beads surrounding the neck/shoulder area.


On the first few parts, Jiro was known as a cruel leader. He was merciless and banished many other tengu when they showed any sign of weakness. An example was how he had treated Kurama Shinjirou when he had been younger.

After he met Nanami under the Thousand Year Old Sakura Tree, he seemed to develop a crush on her, though he refuses to admit it. He gets distracted thinking of her, hence letting the barriers he placed around his temple weaken.

According to his servant, Yatori, this is due to the chaos within his own heart. In the later parts after he had found out of Yatori's betrayal, when Nanami was being attacked by the Raijiuyuu, he sacrificed himself to save her and confessed his love to her on what he thought were his last words. 



Kurama Shinjirou

Nanami Momozono

Jiro developed serious romantic feelings for her and confessed to her after he saved Nanami. He (indirectly) proposed to her after he recovered from the injuries he acquired when he saved Nanami's life. However, when she responds that it would be bad for her to stay at the mountain with him, he smiles and allows her to leave, branded an image of her among the sakura branches in his mind.