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Izanami (イザナミ) is the goddess of the underworld and the grandmother of Ookuninushi.


Izanami's face was hidden behind a cloth when she made her debut in the manga. She took on the form of Kayako Hiiragi from Nanami's memories when she revealed her face. She stated that her real form is not to be revealed to anyone. She took on the form of Ami Nekota the second time when Nanami and the gang seeked help from her.

Although she is Ookuninushi's grandmother, her appearance is quite young as she is a god.


Izanami is shown to be mysterious as when she had her face hidden under a piece of cloth and his herself before a curtain when Nanami and Kirihito visited her. In the recent chapters, Izanami became more open towards Nanami when Nanami complimented on her tea.  

Izanami may like cats as her familiar and servants all have cat features.  


Nanami Momozono

She took an interest in Nanami when she and Akura-ou fell into the underworld. She originally treated Nanami as her new playmate and was bored when she was not there.

When Nanami and the gang came to Yomi in search for Kirihito and Ookuninushi's soul, Izanami became more of a friend to Nanami and gave Mizuki the key to help Nanami.


Hiou is Izanami's familiar. She and Izanami's other servants have cat ears.


Ookuninushi is Izanami's grandson.