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God Gets Kidnapped is the 4th episode of Season 1 and overall the 4th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime.



At school, Nanami saves a white snake which was being teased by her classmates. The white snake leaves behind a strange mark on her arm which worries Tomoe, because it is a symbol that the snake intends to abduct and marry Nanami. This causes Tomoe to come with her to school.

Nanami does her homework after school, and Tomoe accidentally falls asleep. She absentmindedly leaves without Tomoe to turn in her homework. While she walks across the schoolyard, the white snake, now in human form, takes her away to the Yonomori shrine where he is a familiar.

Mizuki then asks Nanami to marry him, to which she fiercely refuses. She tries to escape but finds that when she walks away from the shrine, she ends up right where she started. Nanami is tired from the walk and Mizuki shows her to her bed where she sleeps for the night.

Nanami wakes and sees Mizuki staring longingly at the plum blossoms outside, which he had previously stated were his god's favorite flower. She soon discovers that the shrine had no god and confronts Mizuki about it. He explains that Yonomori has disappeared because there were no worshipers, but he refuses to abandon the shrine. Nanami comforts him and again he asks her to marry him, but she says no, and that she has people waiting for her at home. Mizuki is touched by Nanami, kindness and decides he wants her to himself. He attempts to force himself onto her, but Tomoe saves Nanami just in time and destroys Yonomori's Shrine. Tomoe is angered by Mizuki abducting Nanami and attempts to burn the plum blossom tree that Mizuki treasured.

Nanami stops Tomoe from doing so and promises Mizuki that whenever he feels lonely, she will come and look at the tree with him.

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