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Chapter 121 is one hundred twenty-first chapter of Volume 21.


Plot Overview

Kirihito asks Kikuichi where Yatori is, to which Kikuichi responds that he must be preparing to go to the land of the dead.

Meanwhile, in Mikage Shrine, Nanami notices the sky is turning red, and wonders whether it is a bad omen, but realises the fish she was cooking is on fire. Mikage restores the kitchen and tells her that isn't the first time she set the kitchen on fire, but in fact, the third time that day. He announces that he has received a message from Izumo, and Okuninushi will turn Tomoe back to a Yokai. Nanami feels happy for Tomoe and insists that she wants to go along as well, but Mikage tells her to stay back and attend school, as he can manage this alone. Tomoe demands to know why Mikage left Nanami behind, to which he replies that there seems to be an evil wind blowing towards Izumo.

Back in the Shrine, Mizuki tells Nanami to cheer up, but Nanami feels bad about being left behind and says she's no good at being God. Mizuki tells her about a shortcut to Izumo, which only Gods can use, and leads her to the entrance. Mizuki bids her farewell by saying that she has become much, much stronger than when they first met. Nanami realises that the shortcut is in fact, very bright, and she doesn't require a flashlight. However, after walking for sometime, she feels tired and lays down to rest. She sees someone passing by and asks for directions, but realises that it's Yatori, Akura- Ou's servant.

Yatori tells her that she will not be able to see Okuninushi anymore, and Akura-ou will be revived, to which she replies that once Tomoe becomes a human, he won't have anything to do with Yōkai, and Akura-Ou told her that he has no intention of doing anything to Tomoe. Yatori asks her where she heard this from, when he can't approach Akura-Ou himself. He calls her a terrifying woman who convinced a great Yōkai to become human,and that he can't afford to let her live.

Nanami uses an Ofuda, but realises that they are useless unless they touch Yatori. Yatori grabs her by the hair, but she uses the opportunity to quickly use an Ofuda with "Hole" written on it which transports both of them to the lower levels. Yatori searches for Nanami, and says that he will destroy this area and inform Akura-Ou that she ran away from home.

Meanwhile, Nanami comes up with a plan and writes "Akura-Oh" on an Ofuda and sticks it on herself. Yatori is deceived into believing that Akura-Oh was in front of him, and not Nanami.



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