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Chapter 107 is one hundred seventh chapter of Volume 18.


Plot Overview

Tomoe realises his fox fire went out and now thinks he has found Nanami.

Nanami asks for the shikigami's name, to which he answers Kiku- Ichi. He explains it was given based on the 7 days it took to summon him. Nanami then asks him to take off his mask, to help her decide whether to trust him or not. She see's no good or evil in his eyes, just desire to save Kirihito. So she asks him to take her to him.

Yatori then tries to convince Kirihito to eat (he refuses). Seeing his weakness, Yatori suggests that he go to the netherworld to retrieve the body. Kirihito then collapses.

Nanami heads toward Kirihito but is interrupted by a demon, calling her a thief. Then Yatori bursts from the ground and asks her what business she has there. (The demon disappears?) Nanami answers she's there to save Kirihito, Yatori is not amused by this, but he hears Kirihito's voice telling him to let 'the girl' in. He tells her to come over and she tries to calm herself down as she thinks of tomoe and mentally apologizes for what she’s about to let happen, telling herself she just can’t let him die. He is very weak and his hands are trembling as he reaches for her face. Kirihito then Kisses Nanami to take her life energy. He becomes stronger quickly kissing her deeper to greedily take as much life force as he can get. Nanami realizes he's taking to much, and tries to pull away but can't stop him. He pins her to the floor, demanding that it wasn’t enough and he needed more He become drunk off the power of her life force and takes off their clothes, taking even more of her energy, sitting on top of her he yells that the energy is over flowing. He leaves her half nude and out of it one the floor so he can eat a can off peaches she then comes to the realization he is Akura-ou, and mumbles his name, he is momentarily shocked and reached out to her, remembering from 500 the time they had spent in the capital, he gentle strokes her face.Nanami passes out, thinking of Tomoe, but Kirihito let's her live because she may be useful and takes the time to put her shirt back on her and cover her up with a blanket he the. begins to leave. But before he gets the chance Tomoe shows up with his fox fire, and asks who they are, and what they were doing there.



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