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Chapter 093 is ninety-third chapter of Volume 16.


Plot Overview

Nanami sleeps on the floor whileTomoe watches her, thinking that she is so fragile that he doesn't even have to kill her by his own hands and will probably die of cold or hunger if he leaves her alone. He then notices her shivering and embraces her to make her warmer. He then blushes, wondering what kind of feeling he was experiencing, then decides not to kill her for now. Nanami wakes ups, feeling restrained by Tomoe's hug. Tomoe tells her to stay put until he wakes up but she pushes him away. He frowns, knowing she was still not fully healed from the poison then tries to kiss her but Nanami pushes him away again knowing that Tomoe would become her familiar. She asks why he was here when it was supposed to be Akura-Ou and wonders if she'd already disrupted the past by substituting as Yukiji's palanquin. Tomoe picks her up and tells her that he will not hand her over to Akura-Ou and look after her himself. He starts to bring her to his lair now that the rain had stopped, the house they were in being someone else's. Nanami tells him to stop, although she is happy she met him and thinks she must go back and save his future self, the Tomoe Nanami loved. Tomoe tells her he doesn't care, that she was at his mercy and she must be thankful to be alive. She yells into his ear and tells him that the Tomoe that would say such things was one she hated. He is stung by the words and tries to make her take it back but Nanami refuses. Still emotionally unable to kill her, Tomoe leaves her, saying she'll just die of starvation. Alone and on a tree, Tomoe, however, plans to go back after the night, expecting her to beg him to save her. He recalls her earlier words and feels hurt by it, making him wonder what is the girl to him. He sees some bandits and immediately knows that they were the true owners of the house where Nanami was still in. Meanwhile, Nanami wonders if that Tomoe was any different from Akura-Ou but decides that Tomoe was much kinder. The bandits arrive and see her. They grab her but Tomoe appears, burning the man's hand. Seeing Tomoe, the bandits crouch in fear. Tomoe goes to kill them but Nanami stops him, telling him that he was different from Akura-Ou and understands a human's pain. Tomoe looks at her then tells her to say that she didn't hate him, immediately making him wonder what in the world he was saying. Nanami says she doesn't, making Tomoe blush and wonder what is this feeling.



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