Chapter 091 is ninety-first chapter of Volume 16.


Plot Overview

Nanami offers to be the decoy but Yukiji tells her it's foolishness. However, Yukiji's dad finds that it is a good idea since she and Yukiji look alike. Nanami's condition was that while she was gone, that they would look for Ontake Mountain's Kuromaro for her. She writes a talisman that would lead them to him. Meanwhile, Tomoe and Akura-Ou decide to go to the Dragon King's Castle and get his eyes, rumored to be a source of immortality. Suddenly, a servant of Akura-Ou, Kirakaburi, comes in and presents to Akura-Ou flowers with the head of the gods of Izumo on them. Akura-Ou says Tomoe should look if the head of the Izumo God who almost killed him was there but Tomoe only says that he only sees powerless female gods. Akura-Ou then adds that he has another order for Kirakaburi. Tomorrow, a human girl named Yukiji will be wed and Kirakaburi could kill her, in any way he'd like, as long as the face was untouched. When he asks where the girl was, Akura-Ou says the furball would lead the way. Tomoe glares at the furball, confused by the unpleasant feeling he has, and goes to sleep. Kirakaburi rattles on to furball how handsome Tomoe was, then steps on furball, saying he is ugly and that he hates ugly people. Meanwhile, Yukiji and her father finally see Nanami in Yukiji's wedding clothes and are astounded by the likeness. Futa suspects that perhaps Yukiji and Nanami were blood related. Yukiji slams the door in anger, saying again that it was foolishness and this would only ruin everything but Nanami smiles and says she was doing it for Yukiji's happiness. Yujiki comments that she can never be like Nanami because Nanami's eyes, unlike hers, were filled with hope. After, they assign Suke to escort Nanami. She rides the palanquin, wondering what Tomoe would say if he saw her now. She hopes that she would be protected by her talisman, Yukiji's dagger, and the hair ornament Tomoe had given to her. Meanwhile Tomoe sleeps in the darkness, his heart unsettled. Then he finally decides it was time to kill Yukiji, with his own hands. The chapter ends with Kirakaburi and Furball looking at the bridal procession from a cliff, and Kirakaburi commenting on how he is looking forward to see Yukiji's face.



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