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Unending "Inquisitive Spirit" & "Passion"...?!

Ch.88.5 sidestory of Kamisama Hajimemashita


Nanami goes to the kitchen but finds Tomoe receiving a box from a Tanuki girl. Tomoe laughs and says that Nanami is 'hopeless' and that he was doing this because he couldn't stand her noise and pestering. Later, Nanami refuses to eat her jelly and asks Tomoe if he thought she wasn't needed but he only looks at her, confused. Mizuki finds the box from a while ago and asks what was inside but Tomoe takes it away quickly. When Nanami asks, Tomoe only marches out and tells her to eat her jelly. Kurama comes a little later with hotpot. They argue a bit who was a better drinker and Nanami suggests they have a drinking contest; whoever passes out first loses. Using the distraction, she looks around for the box and finally finds it in the kitchen, within it, a pear. Two Tanuki girls come from behind and tell her not to eat that. They said it was high grade and Tomoe had been looking for them after Nanami asked for pear pancakes some days ago. The Tanuki girls comment on how jealous they were of Nanami that she can act however she wants around Tomoe. This makes Nanami very happy but when she passes by Tomoe and the others, she finds them all drunk. Tomoe had turned into her and they were arguing if Nanami's chest was that big and accusing each other of being drunk. Tomoe touches Nanami's chest to prove himself right. Angry, Nanami yells at all of them for being a bunch of drunkards.  

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