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Chapter 087 is eighty-seventh chapter of Volume 15.


Plot Overview

Wondering who was behind her, Nanami stands up, her body aching terribly from time travelling for so long. However she is determined to find the fallen god and save Tomoe before she can return. She brings out her white charms and using it, searches for a fallen god, She hears the sound of crying and finds her talisman stuck on a turtle-human like creature sitting atop the water. The creature sinks back into the water, saying her back was painful and she wasn't in the mood to talk. Nanami dives in after her but her legs wouldn't move. The creature saves Nanami from drowning and empties Nanami's bag, finding the peach elixir. Nanami then asks the fallen god how to remove Tomoe's curse. But the creature cries, much to Nanami's dismay, saying she was not the one and claims not to have such power. She tells Nanami that not even gods can do that but she knows someone who can: Ontake Mountain's Kuromaro who fell into the earth a long time ago. Nanami immediately demands to see him. The turtle creature replies she would call him over for Nanami's peach elixir. However, she warns Nanami that he brings miasma full of hatred and the lake would not longer be suitable for living. Nanami agrees and the turtle creature calls Kuromaro. Almost instantaneously, the sky northward begins to darken. But just as he arrives, Nanami is pulled back up to the present.

She wakes up in Mikage Shrine, Mikage sitting beside her. Nanami sobs, asking why he'd brought her back when just a little more and she could've saved Tomoe. Mikage explained that if he'd left her like that she would've destroyed her body but Nanami replied she didn't care about her body if Tomoe could be saved. However, Mikage reminds Nanami she was not alone. He tells her that just like how she treasures Tomoe, there are people who treasure her too. That's why she must take care of her body. He brings her outside where Mizuki, Kurama, Kotarou and Himemiko (in her yokai form), the Dragon Lord and his wife, and the Will-o'-the-Wisp children were waiting. Everyone offers their support and help. Nanami thanks everyone and asks Tomoe to come back soon.



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