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Chapter 086 is eighty-sixth chapter of Volume 15.


Plot Overview

Futa comes into the room with Yukiji and Tomoe, bringing a cup of the Peach Elixir Pills Nanami had made into a brew. Yukiji steps out and tells Nanami that she will be leaving soon in order to get more dowries but will be back in four or five days. She also tells Nanami that she was actually not from this village and that her actual village was burned down by yokai and that she plans to make a family blood related to her. Meanwhile Tomoe wakes up and Futa gives him sasamochi (rice wrapped in bamboo leaves). After, Tomoe asks who was the girl who had brought him here. Remembering Nanami's request to stay a secret, Futa tells him that it's Yukiji. Tomoe then decided that he would first recover and then when he was healed, he would leave and bring the woman with him. Then late at night, Nanami and Futa enter, thinking Tomoe is asleep. But he knows that if they knew he was yokai, they would surely start panicking. 

The next morning, Yukiji left, but not before letting Nanami promise not to leave until she came back. Late at night, Nanami comes into Tomoe's room again, making Tomoe wonder why she only comes at night. That night, he tells them he's not asleep, making Nanami run, leaving him disappointed. Deciding Tomoe was alright now, Nanami decides to leave tomorrow night. During that night, Tomoe asks Futa why Yukiji was not appearing. He replies that it was because Yukiji had gone to the city to meet the person who wanted to marry her. Deciding he must act fast. Once Futa was asleep, he transformed back to his yokai form, looking for Yukiji. He sees Nanami leaving and wonders where she was going when it was not even morning yet. He plans to play with her but before he can even touch her, she kneels to the ground, coughing. He reaches for her but hesitates and pulls back. Then he kills a snake that tried to get close, surprising Nanami. But Tomoe is long gone, thinking that even though he'd planned to play with her... he didn't want her to die.



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