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Chapter 085 is eighty-fifth chapter of Volume 14.


Plot Overview

Nanami had just found Tomoe in child form wounded by the river. Nanami panics and tells Futa, Yukiji's helper boy, that the boy she was carrying needed immediate treatment. Yukiji gets suspicious however, that the child was Tomoe as he was known to shapeshift, and because she'd never seen him in the village before. Nanami covers up and says that Tomoe was actually a child from her village. Yukiji takes him in but even with a doctor's help, Tomoe's health is in a very serious condition and Yukiji claimed that it wouldn't be surprising if he dropped dead at any moment. She suggested Nanami should feed him his favorite food if ever he wakes up. Nanami smiles and tells Yukiji that it was sasamochi. Later on, while she was helping Futa clean the house, Futa asks tells her that the kid she saved acted rather regally for a village boy and asks her what his name was. Nanami again covers up and says that it was Himetarou but adds that if he wakes up, he mustn't tell him about her, planning not to disturb his past with Yukiji any further. A while later, Nanami finds out that Yukiji is being told to hand over little Tomoe by the village men. She rushes there and eavesdrops. Yukiji tells the men that if ever the boy really was a yokai, she would gladly kill it herself. Soon after, with Tomoe's health unchanging, Nanami goes to the river to search for the bag she'd dropped, for it contained the Peach Elixir that could get Tomoe better. However she is caught by the village men who use violence to see whether or not she is yokai. Nanami screams in her mind for someone to help her and within smoke, Tomoe appears in his yokai form, warning them not to touch her. He made the village man choke and cause foam to come from his mouth, freeing Nanami. Soon, Nanami is able to find her bag just as little Tomoe wakes up.



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