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Chapter 084 is eighty-fourth chapter of Volume 14.


Plot Overview

Nanami had just been saved by Yukiji from being burnt to death by the villagers. Yukiji takes her into her house and apologizes for the villagers as they've never seen an actual youkai before. Meanwhile, Tomoe was staying again within the red light district until Ikusagami, the war god, burst through the walls with a mission to annihilate any demons disturbing the human world, which included Tomoe. Tomoe laughs, confident he could not be defeated and was flattered a god had come all the way there just to kill him. He attacks and Ikusagami counters. However his sword breaks due to Ikusagami's sword being a borrowed, Amou no Ki. Ikusagami cuts a deep wound across Tomoe's shoulder to his chest, leaving him paralyzed and in hysteria. He is let off by Ikusagami but is soon found by humans. Meanwhile, Nanami and Yukiji get wind of the news that a wounded fox demon had appeared and that the village men are on their way to finish him off. Immediately Nanami knows it's Tomoe. Yukiji smiles and says it is the time to celebrate and Nanami panics. She rushes to the river where she knows Tomoe would be found. Tomoe, tired, hurt and barely able to see, hears the sounds of humans coming and turns himself into a child, hoping it would hold villagers back. Nanami appears, relieved of finding him and Tomoe feels for the first time, the feeling of wanting somebody.



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