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Chapter 083 is eighty-third chapter of Volume 14.


Plot Overview

A king is planning to attack the enemy with his two thousand troops when he is decapitated by Akura-Ou. Akura-Ou immediately orders that the army's total offensive must present the enemy's head, if not the army must commit sepukku. They immedietaly rebel and shoot him, causing no damage. Suddenly Tomoe appears, cutting through the men in front of Akura-Ou. He yells at Akura-Ou, telling him to return his kimono and not to damage it. After which he leaves and tells Akura-Ou that he will be back in two to three days and by then, Akura-Ou must end his game.

Meanwhile, Nanami swims in the river current, hoping it would bring her to Tomoe but loses her bag in the process. She gasps for air and two kids spot her then run away, thinking she is a yokai since she suddenly appeared out of the water. Now knowing that there is a village nearby, she heads to it. She is asked whether or not she's a yokai because of her strange clothes. When Nanami denies and asks why, they also add that it was no longer peaceful because the nearby villages have already been burned down and the west mountains were dyed red like blood. Nanami immediately gets the feeling Tomoe is nearby. Suddenly she sees a boy whose bundle was taken by some other village boys. The boy yells that it was Lady Yukiji's dress and they should give it back. They replied that she was cheap, arrogant, and the reason more yokai were gathering so she didn't deserve to be called 'lady'. The boy gets angry but trips and falls into mud. One of the boys try to drop the dress but Nanami intervenes and takes it back. They throw mud on her face but she scares them away, saying she is the yokai, Clothes Stripper. The boy hastily picks up Yukiji's clothes as Nanami assures him they didn't get dirty. Suddenly, some other village men come, claiming Nanami is a truly yokai, thanks to the kids who'd seen Nanami pop from the water. The bring her into a cell and threaten to burn her if she doesn't say where Tomoe is. Suddenly, Yukiji appears and stops them, saying that she has to ask Nanami a few things.



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