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Chapter 079 is seventy-ninth chapter of Volume 13.


Plot Overview

Nanami says goodbye after meeting Himemiko and Kotarou, envying their bright future together. Suddenly Nanami spots a butterfly and the memorial arch of the shrine breaks. She rushes inside to tell Tomoe but finds the entire shrine collapsing. Onikiri informs her that Tomoe's body suddenly changed and his demon powers were not enough to maintain the shrine anymore. Nanami rushes to him and Mizuki tells her that strange markings had appeared on Tomoe's body. Tomoe looks at Nanami and says "Yukiji". Nanami is shocked that he remembered and Tomoe slaps her, telling her to look away. Tomoe coughs blood and Nanami hands him the peach elixirs but he only slaps it away, saying it wouldn’t work. Nanami watched, crying helplessly when the butterfly flies by and turns into Mikage. He tells Tomoe to rest and keeps him in his magical mirror. Afterwards, Mikage restores his shrine. Nanami asks what the markings were and Mikage says that it was caused by an agreement a long time ago. However, despite Tomoe being in the mirror, the curse would still slowly take over. Mikage says Tomoe only had 7 days left. Mikage explains the 500 years ago when he first met Tomoe, he could tell that Tomoe was already dying for the curse mark was wrapped all around his body. Mikage confirmed that those were markings of a contract signed with a fallen god and that even he could not cure it. Tomoe says that he could not continue living without the human girl he loved. But even if she was gone, he didn’t manage to become human and go to here she was. Mikage asks if his feelings for a human girl became so deep. Tomoe replied that he still loved her, tears running down his face. Mikage pitied him and made him slowly forget, making the pain in his chest go away. Mikage tells Nanami that this time, because the trigger was activated, the curse will kill him. Nanami tells Mikage that all he had to do was make him forget again but Mikage replies that Tomoe did not want to forget Yukiji again and similarly, he did not want forget Nanami. Nanami steals the mirror and attempts to purify it but fails. Mikage asks for the mirror and explains that Tomoe did not want her to see him like that. Nanami cries that it was Mikage who told her that if it was her, she could save Tomoe but the only one he was attached to was Mikage. Mikage tells Nanami that that wasn't true for the trigger to the curse was for Tomoe to fall in love again. Mikage says that he was very happy Tomoe fell in love with a human again and thanks her.



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