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Chapter 078 is seventy-eighth chapter of Volume 13.


Plot Overview

Tomoe had just finished placing the shrine back to its original position when Mizuki tries to let him drink acid, leading into a petty fight. All of a sudden, Tomoe slides to the ground. Out cold, Tomoe dreams of going to a fallen god to request that he become human for a girl he loved. The fallen god asks for the girl's name but before Tomoe could answer, he awakens. He sees Nanami and says her name. Tomoe notices Nanami's new kimono and she says its from Kamehime. Nanami says she should change but Tomoe tells her it was pleasing to the eyes, noticing the hairpin he had given her on her hair. The doctor asks Tomoe if the area in his chest was stinging and Tomoe looks at it, revealing a black mark. The doctor tells him its a type of ancient curse made from agreeing to a contract. Tomoe recalls his dream but denies it. Meanwhile, Kotarou and Numano visit Nanami, requesting that Tomoe turn Himemiko back to human form so that she and Kotarou could go to Disneyland. Tomoe disagrees again saying that a relationship like that will not last. While walking in the hallway, Tomoe sees that it was snowing and the fallen goddess from his dreams appeared in front of him in the hallway telling him that the condition for him for turning into a human was to spend the rest of his life with the girl he mentioned. He breaks from the hallucination when Nanami calls him to look at the snow outside. As they watch the others play in the snow, Nanami comments how lucky Himemiko and Kotarou was that Kotarou did not become scared despite Himemiko's true form, and says that when she looks at them, she can't help but think that humans and yokais really could get married. Instead of disagreeing, Tomoe says that maybe Nanami was right, surprising her. Also surprised by his answer, Tomoe goes inside, telling himself it would be fine if he just restrained himself from Nanami. Just then he completely remembered what had happened and his reply. The girl's name was Yukiji.



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