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Chapter 075 is seventy-fifth chapter of Volume 13.


Plot Overview

Shiranui sees Nishiki bringing some flowers and stops him, knowing that he was going to give them to Himemiko, then nags him about how they could not meet before the marriage ceremony. Nishiki only explains that Shiranui did not understand. After Shiranui leaves, Nishiki sneaks out and visits the princess, wanting to see her smile after the enchanting yesterday night. He is immediately crestfallen when he sees Himemiko's face. Where he had expected an overflowing amount of smiles, he instead saw a blank neutral face.

Meanwhile, Kotarou and theDragon King sneak into the palace through the back, hearing drums and knowing the ceremony had started. Ryuo reminds him that once they got there he would leave and the rest was up to Kotarou. Kotarou admits that Himemiko probably didn't care anymore what he said but there were many things he still wanted to say to her. Suddenly the roof under his feet breaks and he falls but is caught by a bubble and lands unhurt. His savior, Nishiki, knowing well it was Kotarou, Himemiko's lover, watches from the window and silently prepares himself for Himemiko to be taken away. Shiranui tells him to prepare to call out the land-god.

Meanwhile, Mizuki and Mamoru use Mamoru's powers to find Nanami and they dig underground. Finally, they see a frog who immediately cries out that she was Nanami. Mizuki starts to asks who did this when Kawaramako, within Nanami's body, gets a pile of boulders and covers the entrance to the hole they were in. Behind a rock, the servant Aoi sees what had happened.

Nishiki, on the other hand, prepares for his marriage and wonders if he had not changed. Kawaramako, still in Nanami's body appears to officiate the marriage. 

Meanwhile, Kotarou bumps into Aoi and decides to asks for directions to the princess. She tells them they were in Mikage Shrine. Ryuo asks if Nanami was there and Aoi, having seen what happened with Kawaramako, tells them that she can show where she really was. Kotarou says sorry and tells Ryuo and Aoi that he was going ahead to the ceremony. 

In Mikage Shrine, Kawaramako asks them to pledge their oaths with wine. Nishiki promises to make Himemiko happy and drinks his. Himemiko is about to drink her own when Kotarou barges through the doors, crying out the whether Himemiko was human or yokai, she was the one he liked. Himemiko runs to him and hugs him, smiling. Nishiki smiles sadly, finding it ironic to finally see the smile he'd been wishing to see.



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