Chapter 074 is seventy-fourth chapter of Volume 13.


Plot Overview

The Dragon King, along with Kotarou, enters Tatara Swamp in search for Himemiko. He opens one room and finds many of Himemiko's servants. Ryuo asks what was happening and one of the servants reply that Himemiko was engaged and the wedding was to be held in Inunaki Swamp tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, Nishiki is troubled that Himemiko was still down. Nanami enters telling him it was simply the pain of falling out of love. Nishiki is surprised by Nanami's extravagant dressing and Shiranui explains that it was really Kawaramako, one of the servants for Nishiki, within Nanami's body.

Afterwards, Nishiki asks Shiranui if he could go and visit Himemiko again but Shiranui explains that it was inappropriate for them to meet before the wedding ceremony. Nishiki tells them to forget what he said and asks them to leave. In another room, Tomoe asks Himemiko where Nanami was. Himemiko, well-aware that the Nanami there was fake, only replies that Tomoe should watch her more closely.

Outside, Mizuki and Mamori, under the orders of Himemiko, searches for the real Nanami. Meanwhile, Shiranui tells Kawaramako that she should watch Tomoe carefully and make sure he doesn't suspect anything. Kawaramako replies that people like him were easy to handle and tells Shiranui her plans to keep Nanami's body even after the ceremony. Shiranui says 'no' and Kawaramako comments that it was that strict attitude that made it hard for Nishiki to succeed in anything. Angry at Kawaramako's disrespect to Nishiki, Shiranui attempts to hit her but Tomoe comes to her rescue. Kawaramako then complains that she sprained her ankle and Tomoe carries her, making Kawaramako blush.

Meanwhile, Nishiki decides to send Himemiko a letter but could not decide on what to write until some moonlight shines on his face. Himemiko receives the letter to open the window and she sees the most beautiful moonlight she'd never seen in Tatara Swamp and sends a letter back. Afterwards, they continue sending letters to each other until Nishiki fell asleep. Shiranui sees him and wonders if this was the so called love that filled hearts with endless happiness.



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