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Chapter 030 is thirtieth chapter of Volume 5.


Plot Overview

It took place during the festival of Mikage Shrine. Nanami was seen wearing the Kagura Dance which belonged to Mikage previously. Nanami became very nervous about the upcoming performance as Tomoe joked around sarastically about the talismans Nanami was thinking of giving it to her worshippers before burning them. Tomoe walked away after telling Nanami to not disappoint him at the festival.

Himemiko arrived with her servants wearing human clothes which was considered 'cute' by Nanami. Ryuo then arrived loudly and fussed about having surrounded by mammals. Nanami let out a last sigh before going into the shrine to prepare for her dance. Ami went to the festival wearing a yukata which she was glad to have worn it as she met Kurama when she arrived at the festival. Mizuki shown a few children his 'Death Mask' and demonstrated how it works, only to scare away the children. Akura-ou, came to Mizuki's shop and asked for the mask that Mizuki put on Tomoe.

In the shrine when Nanami was preparing, Tomoe came by and gave her her mask. She assured Tomoe and attempted to put on the mask. Tomoe suddenly bowed down to Nanami, shocking her greatly. Nanami stood up and went towards the yard where many people were waiting for the performance. Nanami started dancing as countless blue butterflies flew around the audience.



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