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Chapter 028 is twenty-eighth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

When Nanami Momozono was sleeping, Tomoe tried to attack her but failed because Mizuki saw Tomoe (Chapter 27). Mizuki asked what he was doing, and Tomoe answered that he was "just truing to kiss my beloved Nanami". Mizuki said that Tomoe was acting all strange, causing Tomoe to start a fight with Mizuki.

They tried to attack each other but Nanami stopped them. Nanami agreed to Mizuki's opinion. After hearing that, Tomoe decided to leave the shrine and Nanami all alone. Nanami thought all of that was a dream, but it was not.

Nanami woke up to find the shrine in ruins. In order to get the shrine to look better, she has to cook food and clean the shrine because Mizuki can't do the chores properly, unlike how Tomoe could. Nanami then tried to practice the Kagura dance all by herself, but she can't practice itbecause there's no Tomoe her the correct moves.

She was depressed until Mizuki cheered her. Nanami went outside the shrine and saw the branches hanging in the Torii. She remembered when Tomoe was siting in the Torii, thinking to cut the branches. Nanami wasn't thinking about the branches back there, but instead of how to give a reward to Tomoe because of all his hard work.

After that, she tried to practice the Kagura dance again. She was tired when suddenly Tomoe appeared. Tomoe said that they have to leave the run down shrine. Tomoe invited Nanami to live at the underworld, but Nanami replied that the shrine was her precious home.

Nanami told Tomoe that the shrine was his precious home too, but Tomoe replied but saying she was acting too kind. After hearing that, Nanami slapped Tomoe and said "YOU'RE NOT TOMOE RIGHT??". Tomoe changed to Otohiko and said that all of this was a test to see whether Nanami's able to see the truth with her mind eyes without being deceived by her desires. When the test was over Nanami woke up in the middle of the street.

Nanami tried to explain about the dream to Mizuki but suddenly Tomoe rushed in and kicked Nanami for returning late, saying that he was worried.




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