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Chapter 018 is eighteenth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview[]

In the shrine, Mizuki stops for to visit Nanami Momozono in the shrine after he hears Tomoe was not around. He quickly learns that Tomoe had dressed up as Nanami and went to school. Mizuki comments that it seemed as if Tomoe was acting as a good boy in front of Nanami, since after all, he had been a wild fox to begin with. Nanami frowns and says not to talk about Tomoe that way and since she stays with him most, she knows him most, and she knows he is just misunderstood but Mizuki says Tomoe had her wrapped around his finger and warns that Tomoe might kill her when she's not looking. Nanami not believing him, Mizuki takes her soul back to the past with an incense burner to see for herself. Nanami travels back to the past, her real body unmoving in the present. She finds herself in a body of a different girl.

Turning, she sees a wounded little boy who tells her that monsters had attacked their village and that the evil king was looking for her. She finds a dry shelter from the sudden rain and tends to the boys wounds when, without warning, the boy turns into yokai, claiming to be lucky that a pretty virgin like her was not yet in the hands of the evil king. Suddenly, he burst into blue flames and Tomoe appears behind him, his hair long. Tomoe grabs her by the collar and comments that she was indeed quite the catch.

He rips a part of her collar and comments on her pretty voice then demands she cry for him. Convinced this was not Tomoe, she bites his finger and asks who he was. Someone calls his name and he tosses Nanami into another room to hide her. Nanami tries to escape and luckily finds a large hole in the wall. Meanwhile, Tomoe lies to the man who entered, calling him evil king, and telling him that he had not seen any human girls around. Nanami, still running away, slips and falls into a pit and wakes up back in her time. When Mizuki asks, Nanami tells him she did not meet Tomoe. Just then, Tomoe slid the shrine door open, finally back from school, and kicked Mizuki out. When Tomoe touched her forehead to check her fever, Nanami cried with the happiness of knowing that this was she Tomoe she knew.




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