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Chapter 017 is seventeenth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Nanami Momozono comes down with a fever and Tomoe suggest she take a break from school but Nanami rejects the idea. The spirits make a compromise and propose that Tomoe turn into Nanami and take her place, to which Nanami readily agrees. In school, all of Nanami's classmates are astounded by the Nanami's sudden aura of elegance. Kurama Shinjirou comes and comments on Nanami's improved girly-ness, not knowing it was actually Tomoe. Kurama soon learns Tomoe had transferred to the school while he had been at work and while Nanami was alone today, he planned to act fast and get on her good side. During English class, Kurama read for Nanami when Tomoe was unable to decipher the words, pissing Tomoe off. During music, Kurama demonstrated how to sing when Tomoe was singing off tune, once again pissing Tomoe off. In the corridor, Tomoe tells Kurama to stay away from him but Kurama warns her that the miasma in the school was getting thicker and she should be careful. Tomoe notices it too and suspects an entrance to the other world had opened up in Nanami's school.

Meanwhile, Ami Nekota was left alone by her friend Kei in the dark dressing room because she took so long in finding her missing headband. Suddenly she hears a voice and feels a tongue against her face, saying she tasted like strawberry. Ami ran for her life and the doors opened, revealing Nanami. Tomoe goes in to fight the monster. Ami runs to Kei, only to run back for Nanami guilty of leaving her alone. Inside, Tomoe has the youkai pinned down but Ami burst through the door, distracting Tomoe. The youkai licks his face and says he has no taste then rushes to Ami but Kurama appears and kicks his face. Tomoe tells Kurama to take the girl and leave. Outside, Kurama kisses Ami on the cheek in order to not let her tell anybody of what she saw. When Kurama reopens the door, the youkai is gone and Nanami is holding a lollipop. Kurama tells her that he, unlike the fox, could not be there all the time so she shouldn't do reckless things when the fox wasn't around. But Tomoe smiles and says he would surely bring Tomoe to school tomorrow and gives Kurama the lollipop, which was actually the youkai Tomoe had transformed using his leaves.




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