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Chapter 015 is fifteenth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

In a prologue, Mizuki's god tells him that if he ever found a girl he could watch the plum blossoms with, he would tell her immediately. 

Tomoe finds the log book Nanami Momozono had dropped when she was kidnapped. He gets angry, sending out his will-o-wisps to find her, even when some humans were watching, cursing the white snake. Meanwhile, Nanami wakes up in a shrine with odd-looking spirits who try to feed her a centipede. Mizuki appears behind her, thanking her for saving him the other day and hoping they would live many years of happiness together. They decide on the marriage without Nanami's agreement, Mizuki telling her even his god, Yonomori, was happy about his marriage. Nanami immediately rejects the idea and says she was leaving. Mizuki and the spirits bet that she cannot. She gets out and starts running, following a path, but she ends up back to where she began. Mizuki notices a wound from when she fell while she was attempting to escape. He tends to it and Nanami calls Tomoe a liar for letting Mizuki touch her. Mizuki assures her that he was going to treat her much better that Tomoe does. He also reasuures Nanami that no one would come for the shrine was not visited for many years now. Nanami notices that the plum blossom trees in the yard were in bloom despite it not being the season. Mizuki invites her to bed but Nanami refuses. Mizuki swears he would not do anything, Nanami just has to stay. Nanami goes to bed alone, angry, silently asking Tomoe to hurry up and come. Meanwhile, in the shrine, even Tomoe is worked up with Nanami gone. He resolves to get her back.

Nanami gets out of her room to go to the bathroom and sees Mizuki watching the plum blossoms with an lonely longing air. Nanami realizes that there was something strange about the shrine, even with a god, familiar and spirits, something felt missing. She's given a live frog for breakfast and refuses. Mizuki apologizes for Yomomori did not eat and only drank sake, which was why Mizuki made the best in the world. Nanami says Tomoe was good at cooking and Mizuki smiles. Nanami asks if he knew Tomoe and Mizuki replies that he did, much longer than Nanami. Mizuki tells Nanami he must be sitting on the porch depressed right about now but Nanami replies that it was Mizuki himself who was sitting on the porch depressed. Nanami frowns then asks when the visitors stopped coming to the shrine. When Mizuki doesn't reply, she opens the curtains supposedly hiding Yonomori, finding no god at all.




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