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Chapter 014 is fourteenth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Some of Nanami Momozono's classmates find a white snake in the hallway and they attempt to catch it. But Nanami interrupts, saying that white snakes were the god's familiars and that they would surely be punished. Nanami picks up the snake with her hand and drops it outside. Nanami then goes home where Tomoe realizes she had an odd red mark on her right hand where the snake had coiled around her. When she comes back to the shrine, Tomoe was having his hair cut by some Tanuki Girls. He flirts with them, making Nanami mad from jealousy. Just then, Tomoe notices Nanami's red mark, immediately recognizing it as a snake's engagement mark. She tells him what happened and Tomoe tells her the white snake would be coming to get her but promises not to let it even touch Nanami. Tomoe tells himself it was to save his reputation however, white snakes could be a problem. Tomoe comes with Nanami to school as a transfer student and takes a seat next to Nanami, making Nanami really thankful at the snake for giving her the chance to be with Tomoe more. Girls flirt with Tomoe, Kurama Shinjirou being absent, annoying Nanami. Later on, Nanami receives the log book from Ami. Nanami finishes the log book and goes to give it to the staff room, Tomoe having fallen asleep. When she passes by, the white snake appears in the form of a human and takes Nanami. Just then, Tomoe wakes up to find Nanami gone.




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