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Chapter 011 is eleventh chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Princess Narukami has a fit of rage due to her newly aquired shrine being run down. Onikiri and Kotetsu explain that this was because Tomoe took care of the shrine with his spiritual powers and with him gone, the shrine returned to it's original state. Narukami, who had been expecting Tomoe to have come already, sends her lion-dogs to fetch him.

Nanami then wakes up on the bed with Kurama and little Tomoe. Tomoe was shrunk to the form of a child because he did not want to serve Narukami. Kurama answers his ringing phone and Tomoe tells Nanami to be more cautious for Kurama was a monster. But Kurama only tells Tomoe to remember that Nanami was only staying here for his sake. Tomoe admits to himself that he is indeed irritated, not due to his fever, but because he felt so useless. 

Meanwhile Nanami learns from Kurama that Narukami beats her lion-dog familiars. Nanami makes up her mind not to send Tomoe there as he will surely get beaten as well. Kurama tells her that to turn Tomoe back to normal, she must use the Lucky Mallet Narukami had used. After Kurama leaves, Nanami tells Tomoe of her plans to steal the mallet. However Tomoe tells her she should mind her own business for she is just a normal human, but before he can take a few steps, he faints due to the medicine finally wearing off. Suddenly Narukami's lion-dogs appear and ask Tomoe to come with them. But Nanami declines because Tomoe was her family now, surprising the lion-dogs. However, Tomoe makes Nanami fall and tells her she cannot save him then goes with the lion-dogs to Narukami. He says goodbye, realizing it was probably most irritating for him because Nanami had to look after him, then disappears.




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