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Chapter 008 is eighth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Nanami hurries to change for school and Tomoe gives her a triple pack lunchbox and the fox-ear hood, from which she only takes the lunch and rejects the hood. When she heads to school, she immediately realizes people are no longer laughing at her due to her no longer wearing the hood and because of Tomoe's debut to the school the day before. On the way, a car almost hits her and the windows roll down, revealing Kurama Shinjirou who offered her a ride. She refuses and Kurama taunts that it's because she's shy, but Nanami bluntly replies that it's because she hates him. Also some girls approach her but only to inquire whether Tomoe would be coming today as well.

Meanwhile, since Nanami had refuse to wear the hood, Tomoe watches her from outside together with Kotetsu. He falls asleep and Kotetsu wakes him up to tell him Nanami had gone away somewhere.

Nanami was on the rooftop because Kurama had sent her a note, asking her to come up. Kurama then asks why she hated him when all other girl couldnt drop their gaze. He asked what she was not satisfied of him then tells her he doesnt mind becoming hers. Nanami asks if he was stupid. This makes him angry but Nanami only replies that if he keeps up with the haughty attitude, he would never get a friends, let alone a girlfriend. She leaves and Kurama spreads his wings only to feel cold air behind him. Tomoe smiles, happy of having found the monster. Kurama attacks Tomoe, who dodges easily. Kurama tells him that when he becomes land god, he wouldnt mind taking Tomoe as his familiar, after all, all he had to do was eat Nanami's heart. Using leaves from the trees, he turns Kurama into an ostrich, threatening to cook him for Nanami's dinner. Kurama runs, chased by Tomoe's will-o-wisp. Meanwhile Nanami was reading a book when she hears that there's an ostrich rampaging around the halls chased by a fireball. She sees Tomoe's sign on the fireball and a Kurama's pendant on the ostrich, she yells for Tomoe to come down. Screaming, she asks Tomoe why he wrecked havoc in the school and turned Kurama into an ostrich. He replies that Kurama is not human, but a crow tengu from Kurama Mountain. Nanami tells Tomoe to turn Kurama back, which Tomoe reluctantly does. Nanami then tells Kurama he can't go out if he has a wound on his face because there are heaps of girls who like him. Meanwhile Tomoe complains why she helped Kurama but he got yelled at when he was the one helping her.




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