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Chapter 006 is sixth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Nanami calls Kotarou out and asks him whether or not he remembers the girl he had met in Tatara Swamp 10 years ago. He replies embarrassed that he doesn't. Nanami tells him that she has a friend, Numano Himemiko, who'd had a crush on him all this time and asks if he was willing to meet her. After making him agree she is picked up by Tomoe in a Night Fog Car to get back to the shrine. With help from Tomoe's magic leaves, they turn Himemiko into a human and Nanami lends her her uniform. Tomoe warns that Himemiko mustn't use black magic (a.k.a. youkai magic) else the shapeshifting magic won't hold and she'll return to her youkai form.

Himemiko arrives at Nishiguchi Park. She claps Kotarou's cheeks, smiling. Kotarou plays with his rubix cube nervously then tells her that she would surely be disappointed with him. Himemiko looks at him then asks what he was playing with. Surprised she doesn't know, he tells her what to do. After, he leaves her with the box and tells her he was going to buy a drink. He rushes, wondering why his heart was suddenly racing.

A bit after he'd left, Himemiko gets surrounded by some gangsters who steal the cube and attempt to look at her undergarments. Nanami panics and begins to head towards Himemiko but Tomoe stops her, telling her a human has to move forward on his own, while looking at Kotarou who was frozen scared nearby, despite the fact he desperately wanted to save her. Tomoe says that sometimes, all humans need is a little push. Nanami pushes Kotarou's back using one of her white charms, enough to make him run forward and protect Himemiko. Tomoe sighs, saying how simple-minded Nanami was but that it had worked anyway and that Kotarou has indeed moved forward.




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