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Chapter 005 is fifth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Tomoe turns Aotake into a fish, attempting to cook him with his fox-fire. Nanami yells at him to stop, sit and make up with Aotake, which Tomoe does obediently due to Nanami's Word Power Bind on him from when she had kissed him. Himemiko then asks for forgiveness from Nanami for Aotake's impoliteness as he was still inexperienced. After which she tells Nanami her true purpose for being there. As Nanami is the Marriage God, she asks Nanami to help her retie bonds with an eighteen year old human boy named Kotarou Urashima, who she'd met and fallen in love with 10 years ago at Tatara Swamp. Tomoe immediately rejects, saying that love between a spirit and a human is taboo. However, Nanami accepts believing whether spirit or not, a girl's feelings are all the same.

The next morning, Nanami looks for Tomoe and the two will-o-wisps tell her he'd slept in the basement covered by a trapdoor. When the will-o-wisps leave to cook breakfast, Nanami pokes the trapdoor with her toe asking if he was mad at her for yesterday, that she was awfully happy that he'd covered for her, and that she'll do her best to make him approve of her. Suddenly Tomoe appears behind her, asking why she was mumbling to herself. Nanami asks where he'd been and he replied that he'd accidentaly slept on the roof while watching the moon and drinking sake. After, Nanami tells Tomoe she will go to the town to search for Kotarou. Tomoe gets a flashback of Mikage doing almost the same thing and decides to come with her. They stop by an ice cream shop where Nanami bumps into Isobe, a classmate of hers. He immediately starts insulting her which Tomoe sees as flirting. Tomoe glares and pokes him on the forehead. Nanami yells at him to stop. Tomoe tells her not to scream so close to his ears. The ice cream shop employee asks them to stop fighting. They ignore him and Tomoe says Nanami is too distracted. Nanami retorts that she was going to find Kotarou after. The employee asks them what they want with him because he was actually Kotarou.




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