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Chapter 004 is fourth chapter of Kamisama Hajimemashita.


Plot Overview

Nanami wakes up already within the Mikage Shrine to find it beautiful and well-renovated, thanks to Tomoe becoming her familiar. He admits to Nanami that he is utterly humiliated to be a familiar to someone as weak as her. However, it could not be helped and he promises to give his all in making Nanami worthy to be his master. After he explains the concept of Divine Power, he tests Nanami's by asking her to change water to wine with the help of the white paper charms. Tomoe is ashamed of the results. This makes Nanami attempt to work harder to the point of fainting in exhaustion. 

She wakes up to the call of the bird-like familiar of the Princess of the Swamp who wished to visit the new Land God. Tomoe however, dissuades her and tells her that if she were to show up, it wouldn't be kept quiet about that the new Land God was a mere human. In addition, when Mikage had been in charge of the shrine, he and the swamp princess had been on good terms and Tomoe had no intention of breaking the relationship.

When the swamp princess, Numano Himemiko, arrives, Tomoe offers to be their wine pourer and entertains them. Nanami goes to peek but after overhearing their dispute about her, barges in. Aotake, Himemiko's other familiar,  immediately insults Nanami and threatens to kill her. This results in Tomoe threatening to return the favor.




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